Thursday, 20 May 2010

Captain Rex w/ TCW 501st Troopers and Speeder Bike

Gotta love Captain Rex, one of my many favourites from the Clone Wars TV series. Above you have a basic 501st trooper on the left, Rex in the middle and on the right is Denal (the trooper Cad Bane dispatched then impersonated at the start of TCW season 2). Behind the troopers I've included the blue 501st speeder bike which is pretty cool looking but its a nightmare getting the troopers to properly sit on it. To the right of this text is a close up of Rex without his helmet.

Some day I'd love to join the real life 501st group of Star Wars fans you often see out and about dressed as various Storm and Clone Troopers but I'd only do it if I could get the perfect Captain Rex costume, just something about the kama and pouldron I have to have.

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