Friday, 29 October 2010

Stormtrooper Action Figure

A variant on the standard Storm Trooper based on how they were drawn in the old Marvel comic series with blue forearms and a blue belt.

Owen Lars and Beru Whitesun Action Figures

Young Owen Lars and his girlfriend Beru Whitesun as they appeared in AOTC.

The Force Unleashed I and II

The first Force Unleashed was an awesome game with at the time original gameplay and a great story that proved Star Wars games can be as epic as Star Wars movies. The second came was only released in Europe today and disappointingly I'm already finished it, the game started well but the story suddenly ends only four to five hours in, shame because what is there is good.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Star Wars: Obi-Wan Video Game

Not only is this probably the worst Star Wars game I've ever played, it's probably the worst game I've ever played. So why then is it in my collection? I think the cover looks really cool and I picked it up cheap. Never got passed the second level of this abomination.

Jodo Kast Action Figure

Jodo Kast was a bounty hunter who attempted to impersonate Boba Fett by wearing Mandalorian armour and trading under his name. Naturally Boba wasn't pleased and their epic confrontation can be found in the darkhorse comics.

Star Wars Film Magazines

A work colleague has just very kindly given me his collection of Star Wars film magazines! Above is an issue of Empire from August 1999 full of cast interviews, behinds the scenes information, fan reaction to TPM, speculation as to the next Anakin Skywalker and a letter from George Lucas to Empire Readers thanking the UK fan for their support.

More TPM goodness in Empire from June 1999 with a six page series of exclusives photos. This also happens to be Empire's 10th Birthday special making a collector's item in its own right. It's freaking me out a bit looking through their top ten films of '89-'99, crazy to think all those films were out that long ago, I still remember watching them all for the first time, mostly on DVD or sky movies in the early 2000's as I was too young for most of them at the time. Anyway back to Star Wars as there's a bunch more magazines here.

Another issue of Empire, this time from February 2002 with world exclusive coverage of the then upcoming AOTC. Some great photographs in this issue and lots of good hype building for the film.

This is the Empire issue for June 2002 and once again it's packed full of Star Wars greatness. It has cast and crew interviews including in depth chats with Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, Ewan McGreggor and Samuel L. Jackson, behind the scenes facts and trivia and in this issue Harrison Ford is entered into the Empire Hall of Fame.

A step away from Empire magazine with this one as its the June 2002 issue of Total Film. Similar to the Empire issue that month you have cast interviews, behind the scenes tidbits and more awesome photographs.

This is Empire's issue for July 2007, this was already mine, I bought it at the time. Its a special edition to mark 30 years since the release of ANH in 1977. The isue takes a look back at all six films with never before seen behind he scenes photos, a look at the TCW and still expected live-action TV series. There is also a look at the first Force Unleashed game and early rumours of the films getting a re-release in 3D which has only been confirmed by Lucasfilm in the last couple of months. I also used to have a couple of Empire issues from 2005 that featured ROTS but sadly they've been misplaced.

Thanks again to Garrett for the magazines, they have found a loving new home amongst my Star Wars collection, as Bail said to Obi-wan, 'they will be loved with us.'

Shira Brie Action Figure

This chatacter first appeared in the old Marvel comics and reappears in later EU novels as Lumiya.

Lushros Dofine Action Figure

A new addition to my collection of Neimodian action figures (the other three I own were one of the first posts back in May). Lushros was captain of General Grievous's flagship, The Invisible Hand, in ROTS. This figure comes with a control console from that ship.

Roron Corobb Action Figure

An Ithorian Jedi who appeared in the Clone Wars microseries, Ithorians are known for having four throats and there's a cool scene in the show when Roron 'force screams' and the shock wave tears up a hall way, awesome stuff.

Robonino Action Figure

This little guy is part of Cad Bane's posse in season one of TCW.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Anakin vs Obi-Wan Action Figures w/ DLC-13 Mining Droid

Anakin Skywalker, or rather Darth Vader, fighting Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Mustafar battle at the end of ROTS. Vader is standing atop a DLC-13 Mining Droid with Kenobi on a floating platform as in the film. Vader, Kenobi and the mining droid are sold as separate figures but they go together to make this awesome diorama.

Princess Leia Organa Action Figure

Classic Leia here from the Death Star escape in ANH complete with the iconic "Leia buns" and a stolen Imperial blaster.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Voolvif Monn Action Figure

This cool wolf looking guy is a Shistavanen Jedi who made his first appearance in the original Clone Wars microseries and can be seen lying slain in the Jedi Temple in ROTS.

1,000 Star Wars Collectibles

Stephen J. Sansweet, head of Lucasfilm fan relations, is known for having one of the biggest Star Wars collections in the world. This book looks at 1,000 pieces from his collection and was the inspiration for this blog. I highly recommend you check it out.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Luke Skywalker ForceFX Lightsaber

The ultimate Star Wars big boys' toy. The ForceFX lightsaber, an authentic replica hilt with a perspex tube full of LEDs for the blade meaning the lightsaber can be 'ignited' just like in the movies plus the ForceFX has a gyroscope in the hilt and a shock sensor in the blade allowing for accurate sound effects when the blade is swung or when it collides with another ForceFx.

They come in a variety of different styles, I chose Anakin/Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from epIII-V.

Millennium Falcon w/ Han, Lando and Chewie Action Figures

I've been looking forward to posting this one, Hasbro's Big Millennium Falcon from a couple of years ago and big is indeed the right word, this thing is so massive I had to go out a buy new larger sheets of black card to photograph it and even then it was a nightmare to frame.

The surface of the ship is covered in electronic buttons that give a wide range of sound effects and movie quotes as well as awesome lighting effects all over the toy, check out the engine lights above.

ESB is my favourite of all six Star Wars movies so I pay a little tribute to it here by having Lando piloting the Falcon as per the final scene in that movie (above) and freeing up one of my Han Solo figures to sit in the quad laser turret (below).

The ship has removable panels making the interior of the ship a cool play set complete with Dejarik table.

But my overall favourite aspect of this vehicle is the way the landing ramp can be lowered with a button on the side complete with sound effects and spot lights.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Gentle Giant Queen Amidala Mini-bust

The photo doesn't do this statue justice, great level of detail in the sculpting and in the painting of this piece, currently the only mini-bust I have but it wouldn't take much to convince me to collect more of these. This one was a gift from my sister for my last birthday.

Ibtisam Action Figure

I really like this figure, great paint job and awesome sculpt. As mentioned when I posted about Nrin Vakil last month, this the moncalimari Ibtisam whom Nrin fell in love with, a tragic tale that ends in Ibtisam's death.

EU: Imperial Commando - 501st

Karen Traviss's last Star Wars novel, this was supposed to be the beginning of another four part book series and the follow up to her Republic Commando novels however shortly before it's release it was announced that due to canon issues between her books and TCW season 2 Karen Traviss was to leave the world of Star Wars books and that the new series, Imperial Commando was going to be reduced to only two books, then shortly after release Imperial Commando 2 was cancelled. A depressing state of affairs, Republic Commando ended so well in Order 66 and there really was no need for the story to continue however 501st was a great read and did a wonderful job of opening the story back up for a new series only for it all to be deemed pointless. Ultimately this book is a scene setter for a scene that will sadly never exist.

Officer Cass Action Figure

Officer Cass appeared in ANH in the Death Star briefing scene along with Motti, Tagge, Yularen, Tarkin and Vader.

Yarael Poof Action Figure

Another figure I picked up at this years Invasion Belfast. A great find as I wasn't even aware an action figure of this guy had been made. Appearing only briefly in TPM in the Jedi Council scenes Yarael Poof's crazy long neck makes him a stand out character.

The Complete Vader

Really great coffee table book this, full of incredible photographs, the book covers all things Darth Vader as the name suggests. Full of information about the creation of the character, portrayal of the character, Vader in pop culture and Darth Vader based merchandising.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Dark Horse Omnibus: Early Victories

A great collection of different comic series all set between ANH and ESB, highlight would have to be the comicbook adaption of Splinter of the Mind's Eye.

TCW Clone Commander Bly w/ 327th Star Corps Action Figures

Previously I posted Clone Commander Bly and co. in their phase II armour from ROTS, here he is again with fellow members of the 327th, this time in stylized TCW form.

Dack Ralter Action Figure

Luke's snowspeeder gunner in the Hoth Battle from ESB.

TCW Super Battle Droid Action Figure w/ Jet Pack

This version of the Super Battle Droid, aka the B2-RP battle droid, first appeared in TCW Season 1 in "Jedi Crash", as well as a unique deco this figure has an in built jet pack, see right.

Battle For Naboo Video Game

Following on from last week's post about the rogue Squadron games, this tie-in to TPM uses the same game engine as the first Rogue Squadron game. The events in the game run parallel to TPM. It's years since I've played this game but I remember it fondly.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Shadow Stormtrooper Action Figure

Cool black storm trooper, the Shadow Storm Troopers aka Black Hole Storm Troopers.

IG Lancer Droid Action Figure

These guys accompanied Durge in the Clone Wars microseries, riding in on swoop bikes using their lances to take out the Republic's canons.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Jango Fett Action Figure

Clone template himself, Jango Fett, I love how vibrant the blue on his helmet is. Great figure with a great pose.

Space Trooper Action Figure

Cool variance on the basic storm trooper, this is a vacuum safe trooper with added breathing gear, see right.

Shaak Ti and Maris Brood Action Figures

With TFU II only a couple of weeks away now I wanted to post the last of my TFU figures. On the left is Shaak Ti and on the right is her padawan Maris Brood.

TCW Clone Trooper Action Figures

Already posted a picture of one of these guys back when this blog started so simply in the interest of catching up here's the four other basic animated style clone troopers I have.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Invasion Belfast III

Hard to believe it's come and gone already but this weekend just passed was Star Wars Invasion Belfast III in W5. Along for the ride this year was fashion photographer Laura Henderson who took some fantastic images for this blog and you can find more of her work at

First off the main reason to go to Invasion is the incredible costumes of the Emerald Garrison. (Check out their website at Too many great costumes to feature them all here but I've posted the highlights.

If you've been on this blog before you'll no doubt have figured out that I love Clone Troopers and it's always great to see that kids also seem to love them. Very cool idea that the organisers had was to have the kids seeking autographs from the characters, just in case the kids weren't already leaping up and down at the sight of Captain Rex or wait, that was me jumping.

The garrison members were all really friendly and patient with everyone looking a photo op with them, a couple actually mentioned to me about joining up, the money is something to consider but more importantly I'm not sure I'd have the necessary skills, their attention to detail is breath taking, I mean just look at these two below.

Couldn't help wanting to see these two go at it, would have been awesome. "Get out of the way Qui-gon, he kills you!"

Not only do you get incredible costumes at Invasion, but the garrison also bring super cool life sized props, seeing an AT-ST in context next to Scout Troopers and speeder bikes is indescribable, if you missed the show, you missed something special.

Of course no Endor scene is complete without Ewoks, "Yub nub!"

The big AT-ST I had seen (and loved) last year at Invasion II but what really blew my mind was this...

For me as a Star Wars collector, and in particular a collector of action figures, it's all about trying to recreate pieces of my favourite movies but arranging a bunch of figures at home pales in comparison, I wanted so badly to sit inside this beauty.

Another great attraction at the show was the ability to have your picture taken with Emperor Palpatine and Lord Vader in the throne room from ROTJ. Laura and I got are picture taken with them as I kneeled before my master (but that's for my private facebook page.)

Not just Storm Troopers and Clone Troopers at Invasion, there's also some love for the Rebel Alliance.

Remember, it's not a Star Wars convention until you've seen a slave Leia. Bonus then when it's a slave Leia on one of Jabba's skiffs complete with Weequay guard.

These guys were great, dancing away to the cantina band music, better yet I was following these guys up to the cantina stage wanting to get some good photos and on the way you could hear kids humming the band music, good to see they know their original trilogy.

More incredible costumes and props. Respect to the guy walking around in the Gamorrean suit all day, he must've melted in there.

There seemed no end to the awesome life sized props, I wish someone had been wearing the Chewie suit, then I could have given him a massive hug, that's probably why.

This replica of Darth Maul's speeder was perfect, I can easily imagine this dipping off the cliff and blasting out across the desert.

That's all the costume and prop photographs I have but that's not the only reason to attend Invasion...

That's right, anyone attending got to meet Jeremy Bulloch and Richard LeParmintier, Boba Fett and Admiral Motti respectively. Mr Bulloch and Mr LeParmintier where there selling autographs and were kind enough to hold a half hour Q&A session in one of the W5 auditoriums.

Some great questions asked, my personal highlight was when a fan asked what it was like to have action figures of yourself. Jeremy's experience was interesting in that he was shown the Boba Fett figure before actually starting to film ESB. Richard however talked about how is figure came out some 20 years after he appeared in Star Wars, he explained that figures essentially go through an audition process and that Motti got the green light since after all it's when Vader chokes Motti that we first see the dark side. Richard when on to describe a battlepack we has in of the entire conference table scene and Laura turned to me saying she remembered me getting that.

After the Q&A we where back down in the main exhibition hall and Jeremy Bulloch called Laura over to talk about her camera. Jeremy talked about liking Belfast and how his son attended Queen's University (where Laura and I also went), he went on to say he had to get back to England on Monday to audition for a Morrison's advert. Laura gave Jeremy her business card to promote her blog and I blushed when she said I had this blog. All in all Laura and Jeremy chatted a good five minutes while I stood their speechless thinking wow my girlfriends talking to Boba Fett, at least I managed a handshake.

Sadly we're nearly finished my write up of Invasion Belfast III but there's one more reason a fan like me has to attend, no prizes for guessing what.

Ok so my longest blog post yet, if you didn't make it to Invasion this weekend I believe the props are still on display in W5 all month.

Thanks to my photographer Laura and thanks to the Emerald Garrison and W5 for another fantastic Invasion Belfast!

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