Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rogue Squadron Video Game Trilogy

This epic trilogy of video games is largely responsible for my Star Wars obsession. I remember getting the N64 game Rogue Squadron the same summer I saw TPM menace in the cinema, back in 1999 Star Wars was everywhere and I remember thinking it was really cool but I wouldn't nessecarily have called myself a fan, then with the launch of the GameCube came the sequel, Rogue Leader. I was enthralled by this game, it was my first GameCube game, I was blown away by the then best graphics I'd ever seen an after beating this game several times over that was it I was obsessed. Rebel Strike appeared a couple of years later, I was quite disappointed with this one, it had better graphics and smoother controls but ultimately just wasn't as much fun as Rogue Leader. Also worth noting, Rogue Squadron on N64 was the very first Star Wars product I owned.

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