Monday, 30 August 2010

TCW Super Battle Droid Action Figure

Much more rounded and bulbous than the Super Battle Droids in the live-action movies, the SBDs in TCW are one of the most stylised adaptions in the show. This particular figure has a missile launcher in place of one of his arms.

General Pharl McQuarrie Action Figure

This character occupies only a handful of frames in ESB and is infact a cameo by none other than Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie, blink and you'll miss this character, in fact pay close attention and you'll probably miss this character but Ralph was instrumental in creating the original look of Star Wars making this a must have figure.

Admiral Kendal Ozzel Action Figure

As clumsy as he is stupid, it's Admiral Ozzel! Awesome likeness on this figure and did you know the same actor who plays Ozzel in ESB also played Hitler in The Last Crusade?

Quinlan Vos w/ Commander Faie and Vilmarh Grahrk Action Figures

The coolest of all the Star Wars characters to come out of the Dark Horse comics has to be Quinlan Vos (pictured here in the middle). Vos's introduction showed him suffering from severe amnesia, Vos was on the run from bounty hunters as he discovered strange powers that turned out to be his Jedi training. On the left is Vilmarh Grahrk, a lowlife scam artist who serves as Vos's sidekick in the comics and on the right is Clone Commander Faie, Vos distrusts Clones and Faie distrusts Vos making Order 66 particularly great in these comics.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Stormtrooper Commander Action Figure

This is a Storm Trooper Commander as seen in The Force Unleashed video game. Pretty rare in the UK as they were only sold as a pre-order bonus with the game exclusive to HMV so I had to import mine from the US, totally worth it.

Jar Jar Binks Action Figure

I don't care who hates Jar Jar, I think he's great, particularly in TCW.

Monday, 16 August 2010

HK-47 and HK-50 Action Figures

These are two build-a-droid action figures i.e. you have to build the droid by collecting parts that are including with other action figures. On the right is HK-50 which I simply purchased off ebay but on the left is HK-47 and I've spent just over a year collecting the constituent parts of this figure. For those who do not know the significance HK-47 is the personal assassin droid of Darth Revan from the KOTOR games and as big fan of the games and of the character it became a personal mission to acquire this figure.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Cade Skywalker Action Figure

Star of the Legacy comic series and a future decendent of Luke Skywalker, this is Cade Skywalker, fallen from the Jedi path he has taken up bounty hunting hence the cool shotgun like blaster.

EU: Death Star

Another novel by Michael Reeves, this one is in a similar character driven style as with MedStar and Coruscant Nights and is set entirely aboard the Death Star. the book follows character from as high up as Tarkin and Vader to the lowly construction workers. Some very cool scenes including Tarkin's final thoughts, the reaction of the gunner when he first fires the super laser and a couple of workers arguing about the plans for the Death Star as they can't quite believe they're being asked to install an exposed exhaust port.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Clone Troopers Thire and Jek Action Figures

These two Clone Troopers appeared in the very first episode of TCW alongside Yoda. Thire on the left also appears in ROTS and is the Clone Trooper Palpatine sends to check for Yoda's body.

Commando Droid Action Figures

Arguably the most formidable of the separatist forces, these droids are adapt at hand-to-hand combat, sword fighting and blaster fire, they also poses the ability to imitate human speech patterns.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Baron Soontir Fel Action Figure

Leader of the 181st TIE Interceptor squadron, this is Baron Soontir Fel, a character based of the real life Red Baron from WWI. This character made several appearances in the X-Wing comic and novel series and I've previously featured a model of his starfighter when blogging my titanium TIE fighter collection.

I like to pose him with the helmet off as above but have also included a shot of him fully suited on the right here.

Yoda Action Figure w/ Kybuck

As seen in the opening credits of the original Clone Wars micro-series, this action figure of Yoda is standing proud atop a Kybuck, a steed like creature that was given to Yoda as a gift by the wookiees. After all, good realtions with the wookiees he has.