Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ibtisam and Nrin Vakil Action Figures

Two members of Rogue Squadron who come from rival species yet overcome their differences and fall in love, sounds cheesy but I recommend the X-wing comics from Darkhorse where you can read the full story.

I believe figures come together in a comic pack but I bought them loose on ebay individually. Nice sculpts on both figures and they both have the standard x-wing pilot body from a couple of years ago which is well articulated.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

TCW Clone Troopers, 7th Sky Corps Acton Figures

The canon seems to be getting a little confusing around these guys. I'd always thought Cody's forces were the 212th Attack Battalion but I think TCW has retconed it so that the  212th is a part of the 7th Sky Corps... let me start over, here's the Clones that are under Cody's command in the first couple of series of TCW!

I do enjoy a bit of army building although it can be hard to justify some times, at four Cody's squad is one of my biggest armies of the same clone.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Quinlan Vos Action Figure

I've been wanting to photograph and blog this figure again for awhile, I originally posted a photo of Quinlan Vos within the first couple of months of starting this site, I'm planning to eventually redo the vast majority of those figures now Shannen's taught me proper use of a camera.

The figure is from a comic pack that came with Vilmarh Grahrk (I'll probably take the opportunity to post more Vos photos when I eventually post him), the figure has pretty good articulation if a little stiff in the legs but is well sculpted and is a great likeness of the character. Above is a shot of Quinlan Vos with Commander Faie (front left) and a selection of similar looking clones that I thought looked good in a scene together.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

"Then I'll see you in hell!"

Starting to make some small progress through Echo Base now and the shots are looking better week on week which bodes well for attempting the Battle of Hoth in the future.

Loving the Tauntaun figure, it's a nightmare to pose but it looks great through a camera lens.

Join us next week for Luke in the Wampa cave.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Darth Bane Action Figure

Yet another of my favourite villains form Star Wars, this is Darth Bane, the Sith who decided upon the 'Rule of Two'  approximately 1,000 years before the rule of Emporer Palpatine.