Sunday, 17 October 2010

Millennium Falcon w/ Han, Lando and Chewie Action Figures

I've been looking forward to posting this one, Hasbro's Big Millennium Falcon from a couple of years ago and big is indeed the right word, this thing is so massive I had to go out a buy new larger sheets of black card to photograph it and even then it was a nightmare to frame.

The surface of the ship is covered in electronic buttons that give a wide range of sound effects and movie quotes as well as awesome lighting effects all over the toy, check out the engine lights above.

ESB is my favourite of all six Star Wars movies so I pay a little tribute to it here by having Lando piloting the Falcon as per the final scene in that movie (above) and freeing up one of my Han Solo figures to sit in the quad laser turret (below).

The ship has removable panels making the interior of the ship a cool play set complete with Dejarik table.

But my overall favourite aspect of this vehicle is the way the landing ramp can be lowered with a button on the side complete with sound effects and spot lights.

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