Sunday, 24 October 2010

Star Wars Film Magazines

A work colleague has just very kindly given me his collection of Star Wars film magazines! Above is an issue of Empire from August 1999 full of cast interviews, behinds the scenes information, fan reaction to TPM, speculation as to the next Anakin Skywalker and a letter from George Lucas to Empire Readers thanking the UK fan for their support.

More TPM goodness in Empire from June 1999 with a six page series of exclusives photos. This also happens to be Empire's 10th Birthday special making a collector's item in its own right. It's freaking me out a bit looking through their top ten films of '89-'99, crazy to think all those films were out that long ago, I still remember watching them all for the first time, mostly on DVD or sky movies in the early 2000's as I was too young for most of them at the time. Anyway back to Star Wars as there's a bunch more magazines here.

Another issue of Empire, this time from February 2002 with world exclusive coverage of the then upcoming AOTC. Some great photographs in this issue and lots of good hype building for the film.

This is the Empire issue for June 2002 and once again it's packed full of Star Wars greatness. It has cast and crew interviews including in depth chats with Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, Ewan McGreggor and Samuel L. Jackson, behind the scenes facts and trivia and in this issue Harrison Ford is entered into the Empire Hall of Fame.

A step away from Empire magazine with this one as its the June 2002 issue of Total Film. Similar to the Empire issue that month you have cast interviews, behind the scenes tidbits and more awesome photographs.

This is Empire's issue for July 2007, this was already mine, I bought it at the time. Its a special edition to mark 30 years since the release of ANH in 1977. The isue takes a look back at all six films with never before seen behind he scenes photos, a look at the TCW and still expected live-action TV series. There is also a look at the first Force Unleashed game and early rumours of the films getting a re-release in 3D which has only been confirmed by Lucasfilm in the last couple of months. I also used to have a couple of Empire issues from 2005 that featured ROTS but sadly they've been misplaced.

Thanks again to Garrett for the magazines, they have found a loving new home amongst my Star Wars collection, as Bail said to Obi-wan, 'they will be loved with us.'

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