Monday, 11 October 2010

EU: Imperial Commando - 501st

Karen Traviss's last Star Wars novel, this was supposed to be the beginning of another four part book series and the follow up to her Republic Commando novels however shortly before it's release it was announced that due to canon issues between her books and TCW season 2 Karen Traviss was to leave the world of Star Wars books and that the new series, Imperial Commando was going to be reduced to only two books, then shortly after release Imperial Commando 2 was cancelled. A depressing state of affairs, Republic Commando ended so well in Order 66 and there really was no need for the story to continue however 501st was a great read and did a wonderful job of opening the story back up for a new series only for it all to be deemed pointless. Ultimately this book is a scene setter for a scene that will sadly never exist.

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