Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ulic Qel Droma and Exar Kun Action Figures

As mentioned when I posted about the Tales of the Jedi comic books, Ulic Qel Droma is on the left and Exar Kun is on the right. That's right kids, long before Darth Maul, Exar Kun had a double bladed lightsaber. Literally just got these action figures this evening and I think they kick ass, Kun's cape is fantastic and the sculpt on Qel Droma's tattered clothes is awesome, looks just like it does in the comics.


  1. Having never read the comics I never pictured Exar Kun looking like that... I assume that is him before he fell to the dark side? From Kevin Anderson's description I always assumed he was dark skinned.

  2. Before he fell yeah, his skin never gets properly dark, more aged I guess.