Sunday, 20 May 2012

"Lord Vader... Can you hear me?"

Another set I picked up at Invasion Dublin this year, in front left you have an FX-6 medical droid, in the center is Darth Vader with removable helmet and chest panel complete with medical table, behind Vader is a 2-1B and on the right is a DD-13 (also known as a 'Chopper Droid', presumably to chop off the burnt stubs?)

All the figures seen in these top two images come in one pack (with the exception of the FX-6), I picked the pack up as I thought it was really cool concept and thought it'd make for a cool blog post. Some limitations however in that only two pieces of Vader are removable.

The helmet unfortunately is one piece, mask and helmet separately would have allowed for some better photos. The above photo really wasn't possible with the scale we work in (at least not for us) but I like the lighting so I've left it in.

More detail in the face of this figure would have been nice too, his skin is all one colour, some pattern to the burns/scars could've made a massive difference.

Properly cheating here in that the above is NOT THE ACTION FIGURE, instead its a happy meal toy where you open it up and it has a maze game inside. It's just a trinket I've kept but was the only way of getting this shot and look for more of these 'cheats' going forward as it'll allow us to do a wider ranger of shots.

The table itself is maybe the coolest part, it pivots from flat to standing and has a clip/switch at the bottom so when fully upright the wrist restraints pop open.

This Palptine I've used a few time before, it originally came in a battle pack with Yoda, two Clones and a senate pod.

I'm sure many fans didn't want to hear any more whining about Padme right after Anakin finally becomes Darth Vader in his full glory, but I think it's well delivered by James Earl Jones and ties the two iterations of the character together nicely.

Palpatine is fantastic all throughout Revenge of the Sith, again the delivery of the lines is great.

What we need now is a birth of the twins battle pack to go with this, come on Hasbro, I know I'd buy it.
(Also to note, this is a different Vader figure in the last photo, the one from the set doesn't have enough articulation for the pose.)

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  1. Excellent. Move over Attack of the Clones.: )