Thursday, 17 May 2012

Darth Malgus Action Figure

Long time readers will know my favourite action figures are the ones based on video game characters. So when I first heard news last year of a Darth Malgus action figure my anticipation was high and this figure did not disappoint.

For a start its really solidly built, as you can see above, but it also manages to have decent articulation in the arms and legs.

Quite often with highly sought after figures like this I find Hasbro never really expected you to open it, a good example is the Darth Revan figure, looks great but doesn't stand up straight even with the help of a stand. The Darth Malgus however is great, really well balanced, I'm just hoping they bring out some more SWTOR action figures so I can play about taking some fighting photos with this.

While we're on the topic of The Old Republic I thought I'd drop in a little piece about my experiences with the game itself, normally I'd do a post on the game but I've nothing physical in my collection to photograph. I played as a Sith Warrior who I named 'Keteor' as seen above, after listening to the audiobook of Deceived I thought Darth Malgus was the coolest character in the TOR era so wanted to play as something similar.

I did really enjoy the game, especially the cut scenes and dialogue choices, however it's like any MMO, it's designed to keep you playing and working a 45 hour week I honestly didn't feel I could justify paying for it on a monthly basis when I wasn't getting a huge amount of time to play it. I do plan to go back to it at some stage soon as I'd like to finish the Sith Warrior story but I doubt I'd ever finish all eight storylines.

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