Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Remote Control Lightsaber Room Light

A gift from my brother from I cant remember how long ago that I only actually got round to opening this evening.

In the box from left to right: back plate with wall mount, front plate, remote control, wall bracket, main  electronics, battery pack and some screws.

Above is the half constructed lightsaber and below is the finished piece.

The light has eight different colour settings and a cycle all mode, seen below in one image through the power of photoshop.

It's a pretty neat product and its a nice idea to let kids make their own lightsaber, even if its extremely simplistic.


  1. That is so cool!!!!!


  2. that is so awesome. where'd u find it?

  3. My brother got it for me a while ago, so I'm afraid I don't know, sorry.

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