Sunday, 13 May 2012

"Don't Get Cocky!"

This Luke figure came as part of a deluxe pack that included a gunner seat with window from the Millenium Falcon. Its proportions aren't great but it makes for some fun photos.

This Chewie and Leia I've shown before, so far any time I've attempted to take photographs inside the falcon cockpit I've had to leave the roof off, in future I think I'll have a go at photoshopping the window frame back in.

This is the Han figure that comes with the Millenium Falcon, it's notably better than the Luke I've used in this post but they're the only two figures I have with the headsets.

This is a first for our movie scenes, these Tie Fighters are part of my Titanium collection. Not 100% happy with the contrast between the metal ship and the plastic figures but going forward I plan to do some more work with the titaniums as there's a lot of shots we can do with that collection.

Bit of a cheat here in that I actually took the lid off my Hasbro Tie Fighter and just placed it behind the figure.

As you can see here the guns are actually in the wrong place on the model, I still like it and think its neat.

This is a sticker on the gunner seat, its really small so sorry for the low quality photo.

I'm really happy with this one, I did of course have to use photoshop to make the Tie Fighters 'fly' around the falcon,

Check back next weekend to see where in the Star Wars storyline we jump to next!

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