Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Display Upgrade part 2

Continuing on from last week's post about my plans to add a new set of LED lights to my action figure display. Above you can a photo of the LEDs in action, just as test of the LEDs and the power supply I soldered the power supply directly to the strip. I was glad to see it worked and my research payed off and the LEDs themselves seem to be bright enough for the job.

Here's something I only considered last week, my display is made up from a bunch of different shelving units and tables. So in order to be able to add more light in the future, and to be able to still move the different units separately if needs be, I've picked up these. They're sold as connectors for batteries but I'm going to use them to connect the LEDs between my shelving units. I have the circuit all finalised on paper now and have started to solder together the connectors but have nothing really to show just yet.

Also this week we've completed the switch, very simple idea here, the switch is spliced into the extension chord so I can plug all my lights into it and have one switch to turn them all on.

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