Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ben Quadinaros and Otoga-222 Action Figures

This is the first podracer I've bought (not including Anakin Skywalker), I do plan to collect podracers eventually but because of the whole Kyle Newman/Forcecast petitioning for this figure I decided I had to have one.

Ben Quadinaros looks cool as a figure, but doesn't work well as one, he has almost no articulation and doesn't even have a 'peg hole' in his feet (in the first photo you can see I've had to use sticky tac to make him stand).

Also included is this equally unarticulated figure of an Otoga-222 Maintenance Droid. Was nice of them to add another figure to the pack to make up for how basic the main figure is, but I'll have to be honest I had to look up the droid cause I didn't recognise it all, according to wookieepedia though they are fairly prevalent around Mos Espa in episode 1 so I'll have to keep my eyes open in future.

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