Friday, 29 June 2012

Rex and Cody Phase 2 Action Figures

Following on from our post in April where I showed off my Phase 1 versions of Rex and Cody, I've since collected the new Phase 2 Clone Wars versions of both.

I'm loving Rex's new look, with the Phase 2 helmet but a Phase 1 visor (essentially the reverse of this guy) plus he's covered in tally marks for all his kills in the war so far. The big question around Rex still remains, will we see him die on the Clone Wars and when?

The Cody figure is nice however it's not quite as cool as the Cody figure that came out alongside ROTS, this one is a good deal skinnier since he's in the Clone Wars style. The figure came with an unusual backpack accessory but unless I see it in some form of canon I'm not interested in displaying him with it.

Here's the two clones with their Jedi commanders, I posted the Anakin when I first got it but I don't think I've shown off this Obi-wan yet, will some him in a few more photos soon.

Finally a couple of fun photos of each clone, Rex above with a couple of 501st troopers lit to look like Umbara, below Cody and one of his troopers blasting a Commando Droid.

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