Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Display Upgrade part 3

We've had a very productive week getting this crazy network of wires and LEDs soldered together. Above is an example of one of several junctions we have to feed power to all the different LED strips spread across the display. This was my second attempt, my first set of wires combined parallel and serial connections, thankfully I got wise to my error early on.

Next is some of the LED strips that have been soldered to their wires, for this I had to ask Shannen to take over as her hand is a lot steadier than mine, she did a far neater job than I could have and did it in a lot less time than it would have taken me.

We then soldered the wires coming from the LEDs to the connectors from the junctions I'd already made, above you can see an example one section of the circuit and below is a couple of photos of the completed piece.

It was a big relief to see all the LEDs turn on at once the first time as neither us have really done anything like this before. It's not that easy to photograph lights but they do give off an amazing amount of light for their size.

All that's left now is to install them in the display so check back next week for some photos of the finished project.

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