Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Display Upgrade part 4

Four weeks later it's finally done and we're pretty damn pleased with the result. Was an exhausting weekend taking this all down and putting it back up again but who I am to complain about a weekend spent playing with my Star Wars toys.

Once all the figures were down and shoved into every other inch space  in the room we started installing the LEDs, which went smoother than I expected even if it did take a couple of hours.

As part of the new light system we have two strips that run at the front of the display, for these we glued on a piece of trim so as to tilt the light back into the figures.

Here's a view of the back of the display showing the array of wiring that had to be done. It's pretty perilous back there when the shelves are moved away from the wall.

At first not all the LEDs lit up but with them all being in parallel it was quick to spot the broken connection and make the repair.

Here it is then, the completed display upgrade. As well as the lights we've added a new shelf along the top, black backing around now most of the display plus two new book cases to both help hold the weight of the figures but also to keep my ever growing Expanded Universe collection.

This is a photo of my switch, which works a treat. There's a slight delay from the old lights coming on until the   transformer 'warms up' for the new LEDs which creates a nice effect when you click the switch. To wrap up this series of posts I'll leave with some gratuitous photos of my collection.

Ps. While setting up the display again we filmed a new time lapse/stop capture video of the setup, I'm still editing it together but look for it in the next week.

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