Sunday, 22 April 2012

"Duel of the Fates" part III

Welcome back for part 3 of our Duel of the Fates re-inactment. In an attempt to recreate the force field effect we've used one of our coloured gels we normally use for lighting.

It's not really the right colour so we've gone for a more striking approach with it but I think it gets the idea across fine for our puposes.

I've always loved this fight since seeing it on the big screen back in '99 (and last Feb in 3D of course). I tend to think of Obi-wan as the old hermit living out in the Dune Sea and its great seeing him in his prime during this fight.

Even in this sequence when he's not in the actual fight, he's arguably the most intense character on screen and it's through his perspective that we worry about Qui-Gon as he fights Maul alone. 

I still struggle to get my head round how Obi-wan doesn't make it through all the 'gates' in time and maybe someone can hep me. Maul and Qui-Gon fight their way down the corridor, Maul is able to make it all the way through and Qui-Gon makes it one gate from the end.

But when the gates open the second time, Obi-wan is right up on the first one and sprints all the way down the corridor but is to slow to and gets stuck at the last gate. How did Maul make it all the way through while fighting in one go and Obi-wan not while running? That's without considering we saw the Jedi use Force Speed down a hallway at the start of the movie.

Last week I said this week would be the last part in our series, however it turns we'll have to go one more to complete the fight. This week we haven't really attempted to convey the pit they fight around so nows it's our challenge for next week.

I was 13 when I first saw TPM and it was right about here that I released only Obi-wan was the only one in the fight who had to survive based on the OT, then immediately this happened...

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