Thursday, 12 April 2012

ARC 170 w/ Clone Pilot Action Figures

I've had this as long as I've been running this site but only getting round to it now. It's the starfighter you see the clones flying in ROTS however this paint deco is based on the original Clone Wars micro-series.

As with most Hasbro vehicles the action figures are of course sold separately and the pack of five figures cost me almost as much as the ship itself.

The ship holds three pilots, two in the front and a gunner in the rear and has a slot for an astromech. One pretty cool feature if you're a kid (or a childish adult) playing with this, it has a handle underneath so you can 'fly' it about.

Below are the five figures that accompany this fighter. You get two phase 2 clone troopers with deco to match the ship, and R4-C7 who I think looks fantastic (originally posted in March '11 as part of a larger astromech post). However see the problem? Only two clone pilots and as shown above, three seats.

That aside this is one my favourite pieces, the vehicle itself is made from solid plastic, it's nicely sculpted and the art is excellent.

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