Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bacta Tank Luke, 2-1B and FX-7 Action Figures

This Luke Skywalker figure complete with Bacta Tank can actually be filled with water, then the straw/pipe coming from the top of the tank is used to blow bubbles in the water, seeing as it's a ten year old figure and  I bought this loose on ebay I won't be trying it.

This 2-1B is a little newer, cant remember for sure but I think it was 30th anniversary line from '07. It's not bad, pretty articulate considering it doesn't have to do much.

The FX-7 is a different matter though, above you can see it has rows of appendages, each one has two points of articulation as you can see below, I havent done the maths but I'm confident that makes it the figure with the most points of articulation in my collection.

Another classic Hasbro Mark Hamill attempt, can see what they were going for with this but I find most Luke figures pretty hilarious.

Check back soon as I have at least two more Luke Skywalker action figures I haven't posted yet and they're good ones...

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