Sunday, 6 June 2010

Titanium Delta-7 Collection

After I exhausted the titanium TIE fighter collection I moved on to the these Jedi Starfighters, also known as Delta-7s, above are two of Anakin Skywalkers fighters, the yellow model on the right is from the ongoing CG Clone Wars TV series and the blue model, complete with built in hyderdrive generators, is from the original Clone Wars mini-series.

Left of this text is Obi-Wan's Delta-7 as it appeared in AOTC complete with hyperspace ring, this was the first model I bought in this series but far from the last. The hyperspace ring can be removed making this model look the same as the two pictured above.

On the right is a green Delta-7 belonging to Kit Fisto. Below on the left is Saesee Tiin's orange starfighter and on the right is Plo Koon's blue starfighter.

Both Kit's and Saesee's star fighters first appeared in the original Clone Wars mini-series and Plo Koon's ship appears during the Order 66 sequence in ROTS.

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