Sunday, 6 June 2010

Bossk Action Figure

It's Bossk, one of the bounty hunters from ESB. Excellent sculpt this, looks exactly as he does standing on the bridge of the Executor. While he gets very little screen time in the original trilogy, Bossk gets a lot of coverage in the EU and recently made an appearance in the TCW.


  1. Seems the SW world is vastly bigger than just the films.... this is all canon?

  2. Varying degrees of canon with films at the top, then books, followed by anything else. Most sources attempt to be canon but obviously with a universe this big inconsistencies do pop up. Best analogy I've heard is, think of the events on Star Wars as WWII, then imagine trying to learn as much as you can about the war by only watching movies set during and around it. Another great excuse many fans lean on is its all from 'a certain point of view' to quote old Ben Kenobi in ROTJ.

  3. i use the certain point of view excuse for most things to do with life :)