Sunday, 20 February 2011

A-Wing w/ Unnamed Pilot Action Figure

A nicely detailed and good looking model however for a Hasbro vehicle it's a little sparse in features. It does have a retractable landing gear and a lever at the back that pops open the canopy.

The vehicle came with this unnamed pilot who seems to have the same body as the Tycho Celchu action figure but the head sculpt I don't recognise. If any of the regular visitors know if this pilot is meant to be a specific character please let me know in comments.


  1. Hm. I don't recognize him either. But it's still an awesome looking A-Wing and pilot!

    Great pictures by the way.

    -Barriss :-D

  2. That's Arvel Crynyd, aka Green Leader. It's on the packaging, if you have that.

  3. Thank you very much, I don't have the box any more but that does sound familiar!