Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mon Cal A-Wing Pilot Action Figure

More Mon Calamari Rebel pilots this week, it's the unnamed A-wing pilot from the deleted scenes of ROTJ as seen on the bluray. This figure is one I'd been struggling to find and luckily picked one up in an awesome comic store I discovered in Prague while on holiday.

The sculpt, paint and articulation are all fantastic on this figure, my only complaint is that his head is a bit too tall for the A-wing and it was a struggle squeezing him in to it for this photo.

Without realising it I've built up a bit of a Mon Cal collection, above from left to right: Admiral Ackbar, Nedar Vebb, unnamed A-wing pilot, Ibtisam and Mina Tils.


  1. Is that the old POTF2 A-Wing? Lookin' good with the new figures if it is!

  2. That a wing I got around 08/09 as part of the legacy collection but im not sure if it's the same as the old potf one or not sorry.