Tuesday, 29 November 2011

EU: Michael Stackpole X-wing Novels

Quite a while since I last posted any of my novel collection. These four are the original X-wing novels written by Michael Stackpole to tie-in with the old X-wing video games. I thoroughly enjoyed this series that follows the exploits of Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron in the first few years after ROTJ.


  1. I loved these books as well, as a massive fan of the games (still am), it was good fun to read these and feel like I knew exactly what Stackpole was writing about. Never tried the comic series though, was that any good?

  2. Comics were pretty cool, Stackpole doesnt write them all but the ones he did write are great and have characters and events that get referenced in the books so it's nice to read those stories, if you're looking to get into them they're all out on omnibus so you can get all of them across 3 books.