Friday, 5 November 2010

Yavin Medal Ceremony Action Figure Diorama

Some day I hope to use all my action figures for dioramas like this but with miniature sets. This one I'm very happy with however, it's the final scene from ANH when Luke, Han, but not Chewie get medals for destroying the Death Star.

Left is Luke Skywalker in his yellow jacket, I love this look and plan on doing it as a Halloween costume some year.

Great Figure overall, comes with lightsaber hilt, blaster pistol, a medal and most notably one of the better looking Luke action figures. For whatever reason Hasbro seem to struggle to capture Mark Hamill's likeness, this one is better than most.

Right is Han Solo and Chewbacca, these are different figures from the ones I posted when I started this blog. I like how Han is reaching as if for his medal.

The Chewie sculpt I think is great but the Han isn't the best, the other figure I previously posted where Han is in his ESB jacket is much more detailed.

Left is Jan Dodona, an early leader of the Rebel Alliance.

This figure is key to the whole diorama as it comes with the medals.

Interestingly it comes with three medals even though in the film Chewie never gets his medal, maybe Hasbro thinks Chewie is more deserving of it than George Lucas does?

Right is Princess Leia in her dress from the ceremony. This is an older action figure but was the only one I could find of Leia in this outfit.

The face sculpt isn't great and the proportions a bit odd, I don't recall the Princess ever being quite so... developed.

Below, last but by no means least, is R2-D2 and C-3PO.

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