Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bounty Hunters Action Figure Collection

I have literally just completed this collection, pictured above is all six bounty hunters that Darth Vader sends out to hunt down the Millennium Falcon in ESB. Now a couple of these I have previously posted, Dengar and Bossk, but the others can be found below.

First off, and this one is probably worthy of it's own post, is the man himself Boba Fett. Awesome action figure and another of my favourites. Boba comes complete with jet pack and the flames coming from the pack serve as a stand for the figure.

Great detail on this figure with all the right markings on the armor and a really nicely sculpted cape.

Next up we have IG-88 on the left here. This is the figure I picked up this morning thus completing my bounty hunter collection. Again really good detail on this figure.

Pictured below is bounty hunting partners Zuckus (left) and 4-LOM (right).

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