Thursday, 26 July 2012

Death Star Planetarium

More Uncle Milton Star Wars Science this week with the Death Star Planetarium. This was a birthday present from my Mum and it's like the coolest, geekiest Russian doll I've ever seen.

Top layer, the Death Star from ANH, looks great and plenty of detail if I want to use it in some movie scenes.

Take off the top half of the Death Star and you have a planetarium that projects Earth's night sky (the science part I guess). I love anything to do with astronomy, when I was a student one of my flatmates painted Earth's night sky on the living room ceiling with glow in the dark paint. So this layer is cool, but the next layer is superb...

That's right, a planetarium that projects the Star Wars Galaxy around the room! The planets and regions are labelled and just like Episode 2, Kamino is not on the map. Lastly here's just an idea of what the galaxy map looks like, we held the planetarium right up to the ceiling to try and show off more of the map but normally it fills the walls as well.

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