Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Tribute to Ralph McQuarrie in Action Figures

George Lucas created the story, John Williams created the music and it was Ralph McQuarrie who created the look of Star Wars. Sadly the first of the great three creators has passed this last week so as a tribute I'm finally posting my McQuarrie Concept action figures. It's not the complete collection from the series but my goal was to collect all the characters from this painting of his which I've recreated in the photo above.

Another recreation here, this time of this painting. I've seen interviews with Anthony Daniels in which he talks about seeing this painting for the first time and feeling an instant connection with the character of C-3PO.

This incarnation of Luke/Leia was at stage in the writing process were Luke and Leia were the same character, I often think of it as female Luke.

Han and Chewie above and Artoo and Threepio below. I find it really interesting that this version of Han would have been first painted by Ralph in the early to mid-seventies yet looks almost exactly the same as George Lucas did in the nineties, its almost like it George's idea of what a man should look like.

And finally another photo of the General Pharl McQuarrie action figure, Ralph's walk on role in the Empire Strikes Back. May the force be with you Ralph.

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