Monday, 25 July 2011

Lego Star Wars Models

My last post today covers all actual Lego sets in my collection, starting with this awesome Republic Tank.

It's by far the biggest Lego set I have and comes with two Clone Troopers.

One the right is Republic Torrent fighter from TCW. I was given a box by a friend that contained all these smaller models.

Left is an AT-RT complete with a Clone Trooper.

Right of this text is STAP being driven by a cool looking battle droid.

This one I think is biggest stretch in this series, its General Grievious's starfighter but I think it could've been better.

On the right is Stormtrooper riding a speederbike, I think its the best in the set even if it should really be a scouttrooper.

Final model from the box was this TIE Fighter on the left.

Last but not least is the man himself, Boba Fett, the chain has broken off but this was originally a keyring given out with pre-orders of the first Lego Star Wars video game.


  1. Love lego star wars =) great pictures dear,especially the Boba Fett one. The clone trooper on the AT-RT is so cute =P

  2. Cool sets I think I post some of my collection soon.