Sunday, 12 June 2011

All Terrain Armoured Transport w/ Action Figures

I've had this vehicle almost a year but have been putting off blogging it because due to its size it proves very difficult to photograph with my current setup, thankfully I got a fellow blogger to come and assist for the evening, you can check out her work here.

To go with the AT-AT I have a few different figures, above and below is General Veers and a couple of AT-AT drivers.

Next I keep this Luke Skywalker figure permanently hanging from below, inside the vehicle is a button that can be used to make Luke repel up to the belly of the walker.

This figure has been posted before but I wanted to also show off the inside 'play area' on the AT-AT so only fitting I pop a Snow Trooper in there.

Again these figures have been posted quite recently as well but I wanted to try and give some sense of scale to this thing.

Final shot here of the head of the walker to close out this post, thanks go to Shannen for the camera advice and for being a spare pair of hands on this shoot.