Monday, 13 December 2010

Kul Teska Action Figure

From the Clone Wars based video game Republic Heroes, this is Kul Teska the bounty hunter.


  1. I really loved the design of this guy.

    He's such a different example of a Skakoan with all his weaponry compared to the rest of his kind who we always seem to see as scientists and manufacturers of technology.

    Plus, he had such an awesome voice! :P

  2. Yeah the voice was very cool, overall a great new character, just a shame the game itself wasn't the greatest.

  3. It WAS a shame. I purchased the game for the Wii, and it seems that every Star Wars game made for that system uses the same monotinous engine.

    It can get really frustrating at times when you play through a level that's nearly identical to a level from another Star Wars game.